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 Easter is coming at a lovely time this year – a bit later than last year, and that means when Easter morning is upon us, there will be flowers popping out all over the place – a real celebration all around us – as it the very earth itself were shouting “Hallelujah!”  How can we keep from singing?  As a minister in the local church I have heard these words again and again, “I’d love to sing in the choir, but I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.”  Well, neither can a black bird or as far as I know a penguin for that matter, but that doesn’t mean they are not part of the universal melody that rises up and joins the heavenly choir in singing God’s praises!

The “hallelujah” shout that signals Easter’s triumph resounds in the air all around us as we say it with such unabashed courage.  We cannot be dissuaded that the truth of Christ’s resurrection brings with it hope triumphant, living proof of God’s love toward us and the whole world.  We need that now. We need to continue to reiterate the love, grace and mercy of our God who loves ALL people ALL the time in ALL places with NO exception.   This Easter is especially poignant for us to embrace no the possibility of resurrection but the CERTAINTY of resurrection – to recapture the power and might of resurrection power to overcome and push through any and all obstacles to people coming to know about and/or embracing the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Make some resurrection noise, show your faithfulness to God and God’s power and love that conquers all things – even death itself.  So, shout “Hallelujah!” from the rooftops, Christ is Risen – He is risen indeed!  Chris has arisen in our hearts, but let’s not keep him there.  Let us share Christ’s love and life with ALL the world, and will ALL people.

Amen and Peace,

Pastor Steve


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