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Support, prayer and faith is what we truly need about now.  Our church has had what I would consider more than its share of loss over the course of the last couple of years.  For some of us, it’s been almost too much to bear.  And the holes these saints have left behind in the church they loved and served are huge, and the shoes, very big indeed to fill.  I’m talking about Laurel Underwood, Larry Kendall, Lucky Powell, John Delin, Jim Lathrop, and Laurie Davies to name some.  These have gone ahead of us all to be with our Lord and Savior.  And, that leaves us here to mourn their loss, and grieve as individuals, and as the church family.

We thank God for what they meant to us as the church many of them gave so much of their time and talent to make us who we are, and to create the atmosphere of faith and love that lasts to this day.  We were and we still are so very blessed.  And, as the church we take the faith-filled stand that our remembrance of them is the end.  We know they are sharing in the resurrection to eternal life, what the Apostle Paul tells us is the “change” that happens after we pass: “we shall all be changed.  For this perishable body must put on imperishability, and this mortal body put on immortality.”  So, we always put our hope in life everlasting as promised by our Savior. So in this respect we are different than the world and can have a sense of joy in our hearts for having known these great men and women and, in our faith, we know that we will see them again.

In the meantime, we will be sad, that is to be expected.  And, as a church family, we will mourn together, and we will remember, and honor those we miss in being faithful and strong together, leaning on each other and on God.  The church is already feeling their absence as the ministries they performed need to be picked up by us, the church.  But I believe God will raise up exactly who we need to help us press on as the Methodist Church here in Plainville.

Take heart!  Let us not grow weary, but, rather, find in each other the spirit of God and the encouragement of our faith to face each new day with a sense of the joy of God’s love eternal all around us, in us, and in all others.  Remember those who’ve gone before and the love they had for the Lord their God who has since welcomed them to their eternal homes, and be grateful, be humbled, and be blessed children of our Everlasting God.  This is the witness we offer the world – a witness, not of “good bye”, but of “Until we meet again!”  Amen.

Yours In the Love of Christ,

Pastor Steve

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