We have a dedicated group of members who volunteer on our committees within the church, as well as special events and committees.







Church Council

Board of Trustees

Staff Pastor Parish Relations


Finance / Stewardship

Christian Education

Worship and Music

Missions and Outreach

Church Historians


“I am so impressed by this church at every turn – such talented and faithful and faith-filled people in ministry – we are a very strong and vital part of the body of Christ – Hallelujah and Amen!  I know we will continue to bring God’s realm, grace, beauty, holiness, love, peace and justice to this earth – to witness to God’s great love in Christ Jesus our Lord.  We will seek new horizons, new ministries and new disciples and we will do what we do best: bring God praise and glory. Amen!”  Pastor Steve 2018 Church Conference 12/13/18